Zucchini and Feta Pissaladiere

Zucchini Pissadaliere 6


















Zucchini and Feta Pissaladiere (Vegetarian)


Poached Egg, Shallot, & Green Onion Salad


I spent the weekend in Kentucky, where I partook in much barbeque and comfort food, and visited White Castle for the first time. It was all quite wonderful! I was delighted, though, to receive my CSA again the day after returning home. The box came with some beautiful peaches that I made an upside-down cake with, and baby lettuce in addition to the regular micro greens. So, it’ll be a week of salads: the perfect cleanser after a long weekend of indulgence. This was my first:


A poached egg, shallot, and green onion salad. My dogs distracted me by barking at a cat outside, and I left the egg in for about 10 seconds past how I like mine to be done. Finished the salad off with a sweet vegan poppyseed dressing (I use slightly less cane sugar and mix in some agave nectar for a more viscous texture).