Speculoos Week!


V3A2670Now that it’s officially dropping below 70* at night in Tucson (I’m living in such a rough climate, right?) I’m beginning to want to bake like crazy! And so – I declare it Speculoos Week! Or Cookie Butter Week! Or Biscoff Week! Everybody knows what I’m talking about, right?


Whatever you want to call it, this blog is going to have two posts a day featuring James and I’s beloved ingredient.

I buy a jar for each of us every time I hit TJ’s and I really ought to be incorporating it more into my actual cooking instead of just spooning it raw while watching TV. Cookie butter deserves better than that as a staple in my pantry! And no, I’m not being paid to do this. I’ve just been bogged down this semester with work, as I’m sure you’ve noticed with the lack of posts on this site (so sorry, by the way), and I thought I could shake things up a little bit with this idea.

Hope you enjoy! Please do share your own favorite recipes (with links please!) involving cookie butter in the comments and I’ll include them in Speculoos Week!


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