Think Global, Buy Local: A new study looks at the impact of buying local produce on local economies


Last week’s haul from my own CSA, “The Farmbox” from Sunizona Family Farms. I’ll include a link to their homepage below!

The motto ‘Think Globally, Act Locally’ has long been a guiding tenet of the sustainable food movement. But does acting locally really make a difference and if so, what kind of difference? That’s just what a team of economists set out to explore in the study Linkages Between Community-Focused Agriculture, Farm Sales, and Regional Growth, published in Economic Development Quarterly (2014). Their results revealed that yes, direct farm-to-customer-sales in the form of farmer’s markets and farm visits do make a difference – but what kind of difference depends where the farms are located and on how well local communities have built up an supply chain to support this kind of local buying. Read more on Food Tank.

Note from Brit: I changed the link to the study from Economic Development Quarterly in the above paragraph that Food Tank provides, as they send you over to Sage Journals and you have to pay to view it. The study is available for free on

P.S. My FarmBox is from Sunizona Family Farms, and challenges me to get through all those organic vegetables within the course of a week for only $22. Since I buy my legumes and grains in bulk, this actually helps keep my total food costs well below $150 a month. Anyways, they allow you to place your CSA subscription on hold at any time without penalty, and don’t require seasonal deposits. They have pick-up locations available to choose from all over Phoenix, Tucson, and even in Wilcox, Benson, Sierra Vista, Bisbee, Douglas, alongside the Coronado National Forest, and at the farm itself.


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