Pork Belly Eggs Benedict @ Prep & Pastry

Pork Belly Eggs Benedict @ Prep & Pastry

The owners of Prep & Pastry (formerly Amelia Grey’s) are linked with local purveyors such as Native Seeds/SEARCH, Maya Tea Co. and Exo coffee roasters to bring “a level of service and quality of food that [they] feel has been overlooked, especially for breakfast and lunch.” – Noshing Around, C. J. Hamm

I was very happy with the meal, and ate it all. I recommend asking for a steak knife in order to get through the pork belly, because it’s a very generous and thick piece of meat that isn’t easy to get through with the little butter knife that is given as a default.

When Prep & Pastry first opened, they were packed to the gills every morning and service was immensely slow. Now, it seems they have circumvented that frustration by having the servers offer scones after taking drink orders and generally having a more fluid, fast service – though it seems their initial popularity has also dropped off. I hope Tucson’s overwhelming welcoming committee did cause the baby to be pitched out with the bathwater, though, because the food is just as good now as it was when they first opened. The sauces and gravies are routinely perfect, the baking is flawless, and their vision is clear and unique for Tucson.

View Prep & Pastry’s webpage.

Gorgeous design details.

Gorgeous design details.


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