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I’m studying for an exam tomorrow on Management Info Systems, so I need carbohydrates! And I dipped into my stash of sundried tomatoes; they’re such a treat.

This is spinach and chive linguine from Trader Joe’s which I cooked in salty boiling water for 4 minutes.

Started the potatoes and all that at the same time as the pasta, in a regular pan, covered with a pot lid. Sautéed the potatoes, tomatoes, and shallots in ghee, oil that the tomatoes were kept in, a pinch of dried pepper flakes and salt, and maybe a tablespoon of dried mediterranean basil.

Added in a bit of pasta water once the pasta was done, and waited until the potatoes were easily pierced with a fork. Added the linguine to the mix while still in the pan to get it good and coated with oil while everything was still piping hot. Took approximately 15 minutes from chopping potatoes to sitting down to eat, if you don’t count cleaning anything.


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